• Internet presence is necessary! Use all of the social networks (Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, ReverbNation, Twitter). AND, you must promote those web presences, not just post it and hope you’ll be discovered accidentally by your potential fans. Keep your website fresh by adding a new song every month—then you can contact fans and invite them to check out your new music.

  • Use merchandise to promote your music off line—the Shirt/Mug/Mousepad store is a start. Take samples wherever you perform, let your fans help promote your music.

  •  Develop an email list of fans.

  • If you or any of your friends or fans are college students, ask them to help by spreading the word with their friends. Most college students listen to music on the Internet--most have Internet access in their dorm rooms. They might be able to get your songs played on campus radio stations, too, again increasing your exposure. With appropriate permission, they might post your website cards or brochures on bulletin boards in residence halls.

  • Sometimes a local PRESS RELEASE can help, as can paid advertisements.

  • Read and learn! There is so much good information out there to help you get your music heard. Subscribe to e-zines/newletters such as Marc Gunn’s Bard’s Crier (learn about his niche guerrilla music marketing) and Discmakers.

  • Have some video your performances. Fans LOVE to see you while they LISTEN to you. Post your videos on YouTube, email/Twitter your fans to let them know you posted fresh content.
  • The list goes on and on. Use your imagination.  

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