Here you'll find links to a number of Internet libraries. Thanks to Walter McKenzie for these addresses!

Awesome Library

Awesome Library is a useful source of educational website reviews, including content areas, reference sources and links. Provides descriptions of recommended sites and ratings of links it considers to be among the top 5% in education.

Virtual Librarian Tutorial

A practical collection of tools for educators to use the Internet!

Digital Librarian

Directory of Internet resources covering some 90 categories and a Google search.

Internet Library for Librarians

Infoworks site presents a highly categorized collection of links touted as "The Most Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994".


The University of California at Berkeley provides this children's web search engine.


Lists the the best major online libraries and their resources.

Librarian's Internet Index

Valuable Internet library resource!

Librarian's Yellow Pages

A catalog of librarian web pages.

Virtual Library

Professional resources including distance learning.

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