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* Family Education Network Explore an extensive collection of tools, activities, and resources designed for parents, teachers, and students.

* Internet Libraries Cyber libraries provide countless educational resources!

* MATHEMATICS RESOURCES Here you'll find links to mathematics Internet resources provided by Jamie McKensie.

* SCIENCE FAIR RESOURCES Surfaquarium's Science Fair page provides teachers and students with many of the best resources!

* The Catalog of Catalogs of Ed Tech

The title says it all! There's plenty here!

* SAT/ACT PREP Free online preparation for tests like the SAT and the ACT on a University of California-sponsored Web site. The courses feature user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student's ability and a vocabulary builder with more than 2,000 words. Students may also select a parent or teacher as a "coach" to mentor them during the test prep process.

* Recommended by Tom Redmon, Executive Director of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, O2B is an educational website for children in 3rd through 8th grades. As the Explorers travel around the world, they will interact with children in the U.S. via the Internet. O2B can be incorporated into the classroom in a variety of ways, either as a weekly class or as an approved website for children to use during their discretionary time each day.

* Janice M. Friesen's Site Excellent resource for teachers--the WebQuest Resouce Link provides links to many exceptional WebQuests. Click the TEACHER SITES link when you get to her page!

* SLATE Strategic Learning & Teaching Environments "To effectively use the Internet as a teaching and learning tool, we must be able to put a face on the global network, to be able to shape and mold the Net so that our students' explorations and research remain seated in the contexts of our classroom and curriculum. This means that teachers must become web publishers, able to tie together a variety of rich resources and collaborative tools for their students' use." David Warlick

* MICROSOFT SOFTWARE TUTORIALS More Microsoft Office tutorials, from easy beginning levels to more advanced use of these everyday applications.

Below are links to more ed tech resources, beginning with The WebQuest Page.
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