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  ". . .helping cpap users keep their mouths shut!"

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Adjustable Velcro Straps
Soft Fleece Strap Cover
Hand Washable

 RipVW100 CPAP ChinStrap



If you've tried all of the bulky chin straps that wrap around your head, and you've tried mouth taping, and if you just can't tolerate those invasive techniques and devices to keep your mouth closed, you're going to LOVE the RipVW100 ChinStrap. Unlike other straps, the RipVW100 simply attaches to your headgear, and it provides the under-chin support to keep your mouth closed, rather than the chin cup design of many other chinstraps—a chin cup design pulls the chin back which increases likelihood of airway obstruction. It's VERY comfortable, very easy to adjust, and very easy to attach to your headgear.

So, say goodbye to dry mouth and all of the issues associated with an open mouth while sleeping with your CPAP.

Open mouth during sleep interferes with CPAP therapy and causes dry mouth. Dry mouth is EXTREMELY uncomfortable, and it promotes tooth decay.


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RipVW100 CPAP ChinStrap

The RipVW100 ChinStrap is patent pending.
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